The benefits of hydrotherapy

The 37°C water combined with massage by jets :

  1. Helps to find emotional balance and serenity.

  2. Improves the blood circulation by the distension of vessels.

  3. Increases the contribution in oxygen and nutriments.

  4. Evacuates toxins of your body.

  5. Relaxes the muscular fibers and relaxes your muscles.

  6. Relieves high blood pressures, migraines and chronic pains due to the stress.

  7. Helps for the concentration.

  8. Helps to sleep.

  9. Reduces the diabetes of type 2, by reducing the level of sugar in the blood.

  10. Relieves the arthritis :

  11. By decreasing the inflation of the articulations, warming them.

  12. By releasing capsules (tissus around the articulations), improving their mobility.

  13. By softening tissues of collagen which allow a better mobility.

  14. By strengthening muscles and restoring the amplitude of movements.

  15. By stimulating the production of endomorphin: an anti pain hormone.

Le Domaine de Monteils


The spas

The private spas at Domaine de Monteils

4 of our gites are equiped with outside Jacuzzis: Enjoy the very last generation of silent luxury spas.

Offering a comfortable size, they have ergonomic beds and seats, conceived for varied full massages by hydrojets from the neck to the feet.

These models are top of the range: they have more chrome-plated jets, they are lightened at night by leds and they also have a small waterfall to relax gently the neck and the shoulders.

Whereas the water usually has to be renewed every 2 months, at the Domaine de Monteils it is systematically renewed after every rental: You will enjoy clean new water, warmed up to 37°C. (99°F). A self-cleaning system insures healthy water during all your stay.

History of the spa 

Since immemorial times, people all over the world used the therapeutic qualities of the warm water. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Turks, Japanese and Scandinavians used warm bath in common.

The romans gave its name to the spa : Sanum per Aqua. Their ancient baths were vast arenas of water where hundreds of citizens met, becoming places of exchange and social life.

In Japan, the warm water baths were called "Ofuro", family traditional custom for centuries.

In the USA, the first wooden hot tubs appeared in the 60s. They were prototypes inspired by the Ofuros, made with oak barrels. Joe Jacuzzi and his 6 brothers, an Italian family living in California, invented the current spa by patenting the "Whirlpool" pump, which they later combined with jets.

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Pavillon Mathéo

Pavillon Timéo

Rêve d' Evan

Spa Azur : 2m x 1m65

1 bed + 2 seats. 

42 chrome-plated jets ; 8 leds ; Waterfall.

Spa Provence  : 2m17 x 2m17
2  beds + 3 seats 
47 chrome-plated jets ; 16 leds  ; Waterfall.

Jacuzzi 2 beds, 1m90 x 1m50.                       Jets hydromassage + blower. Chromotherapy.

Suite Luna

Massages :

The masseur will come to Domaine de Monteils.

Massage sessions in your apartment or on your own private terrace.

Relaxation, Sweedish, Thai.

Sport training coach

Jacuzzi duo, 1m90 x 75cm. Hydromassage by jets

chromotherapy, blower.

2 apartments provide luxury indoor jacuzzis                   

Philippe, Wellness and relaxation.

Loft Benjamin